Green Block

Green Block Application and Process

Green Block is the Light Weight Concrete production technology in CLC type (cellular light weight concrete). We are offer both machine and process with special chemical. Which has been tested and found the perfect formula to produce the higher performance from others in present market.

Green Block has small size machine,
which can move into construction site
or use in small area.
(can be produced 400-600 Blocks per days)

For medium - large site of plant,
we provide the bigger size of machine
which can produce 1200-4000 Blocks/days


  • Use general meterial
  • Any Plasterer can do this.
  • New technology
  • No need special cement plaster
  • Fast, Easy and save cost
  • Save cost of patter because we have cutting machine
  • Save cost of ***น้ำยาทำแบบ
  • No more wasting energy.
  • Use general equipments
  • Long life, and can be fixed by yourself
  • Less human energy require
  • No limit for expansion
  • Flexible
  • Can expand to be small size plant

Green Block






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